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            How to Add “Hidden” Images

            Quick Steps

            1. There are other image sections that you can use on an email campaign: Featured Image Small, Splash Left Image, Splash Right Image. These can be shown on the email by clicking the Hide / Display icon.
            2. Featured Image Small can be used as the main splash image, or for other important images you want to showcase.
            3. Splash Left and Right can be used to display multiple photos in the email's Splash slice. These are best used for emails showcasing apartment elements (floor plans, amenities, etc.) or the local neighborhood.

            Tutorial Guide

            In this overview, we will look at the other image options you have when designing an email, and how you can use them to customize a campaign.

            Other Image Sections Under Splash:

            Most of the standard email templates will only display one image section - Featured Image Large - where you can place your own “splash” image while creating or editing a campaign. However, there are other image sections hidden under the Splash slice that you can use:
            • Featured Image Small
            • Splash Left Image
            • Splash Right Image

            Each of these sections, while usually hidden, can be displayed on the email by clicking the “Hide / Display” icon (represented by an eyeball).

            The Featured Image Small image section allows you to upload a slightly smaller image than Featured Image Large. This can be substituted as the email’s main image, or it can be placed at the bottom of an email’s body area. For example, if you were creating an email showcasing a floor plan for sale, you can duplicate the Splash slice to showcase another image of a floor plan’s room.

            Splash Left and Splash Right Images:

            The Splash Left and Right images are two sections where you can upload two small square images. These can easily compliment the Featured Email image, since they can serve to emphasize the subject of the email and make it more eye-catching. For example, if you are creating an email showcasing the apartment’s neighborhood, Splash Left and Splash Right can help by displaying multiple pictures of the area. This kind of visual engagement could help entice any prospects to possibly tour and / or lease.

            Now that you know where these extra images are and how they can be used, don’t be afraid to experiment with the email’s image layout.
            Updated: 23 May 2019 07:36 AM
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