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            How to Manage Weekly Tour Availability

            How to Setup Recurring Tour Slots

            The first parameters to set up are the:
            • Appointment Duration
            • Appointment Start Time
            • Tour Availability Begin Date
            • Heads-up Time
            • Tour Limit

            • The appointment duration determines how long a tour is, based on a period of time that you have determined is sufficient to conduct a tour. You can choose to set it as 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes.
            • Next, you will choose the appointment start time which defines the times relative to the hour for when a tour can be booked. Here we have it set on the hour and half-hour marks, but it is possible to do it in increments of 15 minutes as well. These will determine the options for your prospects for when they can schedule tours.
            • Next, you will define your "Tour availability begin date". This is a useful feature if your property is not yet open and you would like to start accepting tour appointments after a specific date in the future. It can also be set immediately if you are ready to accept tours now.
            • Next is setting up the "Heads-up Time" which determines how much time must pass between a prospect booking a tour online and the tour actually taking place. If, for example, you want at least an hour's notice before conducting a tour, you would set this to one hour, or if you want a day's notice you would set this to one day. This is to ensure that you will have time to prepare for a prospect's tour and won't be caught by surprise.
            • And finally, you can set the "Tour Limit" schedule, which determines how far into the future a prospect can schedule a tour. Here we have this set at 90 days so the latest a prospect can schedule a tour is 90 days from today.

            To set up the daily schedule of an average week, the specific hours will have to be set in the lower section of the recurring tour slots page.

            You can see the specific days on the left side of the screen and the office hours which determine when prospects can schedule tours. The office hours can be set by clicking on the start and end times.

            Next, you can set up exclusions. Exclusions are times throughout the week where there will be no tours allowed to be booked for whatever reason. In the case of this example calendar, there are exclusions made for noon and 1:00 pm on most days to accommodate for lunch times for the leasing team.

            To add exclusion times click the "+" button, and to delete existing ones click the "X" button next to the time.

            The next parameter to customize about your recurring tour slots is the "Max reservations per slot."

            As you can see, the most used number here is one reservation per slot, because there are not enough agents available to host more than one tour per slot.

            Clicking on the drop down menu will allow you to choose how many tour bookings can be made per slot. If you have more agents available for more appointments, this number can be increased - up to 20 reservations per slot. Increasing this number will also allow for more prospects to schedule tours at the same time as one another.

            Updated: 17 Jul 2019 01:37 AM
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