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            How to create a custom autoresponder for a property

            In this tutorial you will learn how to exclude a property from an automation used to send autoresponders and create a new auto response exclusively for that property. 

            Step 1 - Exclude Properties From Existing Auto-response Automation: 

            Go to the automations hub => Lifecycle Plays and find the automation that contains the auto-response you would like to exclude on a specific property. 

            Hover over the automation and select edit. Then, exclude the properties you wish to exclude from the general auto-responders. 

            Step 2 - Duplicate Auto-responder Automations

            You will want to duplicate the existing automations that send your autoresponders and assign it to only trigger for your specific sub-org. 

            Step 3 - Create a new custom Auto-response

            Go to the action item under Notify Prospect and select Create New Email. It is important you create a new email and DO NOT edit an existing template. If you edit an existing template it will make the update for other properties. 

            Pick the desired template from Hy.ly Templates and Create a new campaign. 

            Edit your response, save and activate your new automation. If you have multiple automations triggering the same email you must duplicate that automation then choose this new campaign as the "Notify Prospect" email. 

            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 11:38 PM
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