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            How to Customize Prospect Entry Fields

            Quick Steps

            1. You can get to the Scheduler Design page by clicking on the hyTours Settings page. You can make changes to the fields on the Property Scheduler under the Setup Scheduler sidebar on the left side of the page.
            2. Click the "Edit" button; you will be editing the Scheduler's form under the Invisible Fields section. To add new fields to the form, click the +New Field link and select the field you want to add from the dropdown. Click the "Save" button when you are done.
            3. You can click the "Schedule a Tour" button to view what your Scheduler will look like to your prospects.

            Tutorial Guide

            In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize your Scheduler under the hyTours app and see what prospect entry fields you can include or exclude to ensure that your Scheduler brings in the most beneficial data from prospects.

            Step 1:

            Under your hyTours Settings page, you will automatically be on the “Scheduler Design” page. Here, you can make changes to the information that will be displayed on the Property Scheduler, and preview all changes on the desktop and mobile layout. All of the property information is under the Setup Scheduler sidebar, located on the left side of the page.

            Step 2:

            Click on the "Edit" button at the top of the sidebar, then scroll down to the bottom to a section labeled “Visible Fields.” Fields in this section will be displayed to the prospect on the Scheduler’s third step - ”3. Enter your information.” When a prospect schedules a tour, they will fill out this form; by default, this form will display four basic fields:
            • Name
            • Email
            • Desired Move-in Date
            • Phone

            If you would like to add another field to the form (Example: If you want to know how many bedrooms they want, or what price range they have in mind), click on the link labeled + New Field. A dropdown field will appear with a list of field options; select the option you want to add to the Scheduler’s form. You have the option of changing the order of the fields by clicking on the drag-and-drop icon to the left of a field and moving it up or down in the order you see fit. To remove a field under the property’s Scheduler, click on the "X" icon to the right of a given field. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the "Save" button.

            Step 3:

            To view what your property Scheduler will look like on your site, click the "Schedule a Tour" button.

            You now know how to customize a property’s Scheduler by editing form fields to best suit your needs and the needs to new prospects.
            Updated: 02 Feb 2018 12:06 AM
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