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            How to Export your Leads

            Quick Steps

            1. Select the option "Contact Import / Export" from your organization's Contacts sidebar.
            2. Click the link labeled "Raw Contact Export". Map out how many leads you want to be exported according to Report rangeStatus, and Sub-orgs.
            3. Enter your email address in the Recipient Email field once you have filled everything out and click the "Export Raw Data" button. Click the Download File link in the email when it arrives, and your data will be exported as a spreadsheet.

            Tutorial Guide

            In this tutorial, you will learn how you can export a custom leads list under your my.hy.ly Contacts app.

            Step 1:

            Under your organization's Contacts page, click on the App Menu and select the option “Contact Import / Export” from the sidebar.

            Step 2:

            Click the link labeled “Raw Lead Export” to be redirected to its page. This is where you can map out how many leads under your properties that you want to be exported using the following fields:
            • Report range: You can select the date range for how many leads over the course of a period of time will be included in your exported file. Keep in mind that if the date range is large - for example, ranging from several months to a year or over, it may take up to an hour to have the data exported.
            • Select Statuses: Select either all statuses or a specific status that you want to be included in the exported file.
            • Select sub-orgs: Select which sub-orgs you want to be included in the exported file. We recommend that you only select one sub-org to avoid having to wait a long time for the data to be exported.
            • Select fields: By default, the following twelve options will be selected under this section: Hy.ly Contact ID, Email, Full Name, Property Name, Sub-status, Status, Status Date, Move-in Date, Move-out Date, Created Date, Subscriber Status, and Email Check. We recommend that you leave this as is.

            Step 3:

            After you fill out those fields, enter your email address in the “Recipient Email” field and click the "Export Raw Data" button. You will then receive a pop-up message saying that the Lead Data will be sent to your email address.

            Depending on the amount of data you want, it will take as little as a minute at the least for the data to be exported. Once you receive the email, click its“Download File” link. Your leads data will be exported out as a spreadsheet.

            Updated: 22 Feb 2018 02:35 AM
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