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            How to Manage Leads with No Emails

            Quick Steps

            1. Upload your leads spreadsheet as a CSV file, and map out the fields as you would normally do.
            2. Click on the Manage Leads with No Emails + link to display a section labeled Fake Emails.
            3. Select an option from the Fake Email Prefix dropdown, like if they have a personal ID from Yardi or Lead2Lease.
            4. Type in a fake domain name, such as "@noemail.yardi" for example, in the Fake Email Domain field.
            5. Once you have set up the components for the fake email address, click the "Load File" button and your CSV file will upload normally.

            Tutorial Guide

            In this tutorial, we will go over how you can import prospects or residents that do not have email addresses into your Leads app.

            If any of your leads did not give you their email address when they became a prospect, there is a great chance that they will be rejected when they are being imported into the my.hy.ly Leads app. However, there is a way that you can bypass this by using alternate fields on your lead spreadsheet.

            Step 1:

            Under your organization’s Leads app, select the option “Upload CSV File” like you would when normally uploading a leads spreadsheet.

            Step 2:

            Map out the fields to the data on your leads spreadsheet, then click on the link labeled Manage Leads with No Emails + to display two additional fields.

            Step 3:

            For prospects that have no email address, you will be creating a fake email by taking another piece of their information from the spreadsheet. Select an option from the Fake Email Prefix dropdown field. We recommend that you use their Personal ID from a lead management tool, such as Lasso, Lead2Lease, or Yardi.

            Step 4:

            The next part of creating the fake email address is to create the domain. For example, if you chose to use your leads’ Yardi ID for the email prefix, type in "@noemail.yardi" in the Fake Email Domain field.

            After you have created the fake email address, click the "Load File" button and your CSV file will upload to your sub-org’s Leads app. Please keep in mind however, that leads with fake emails will be marked as “Unsubscribed,” so be sure to enter their email under their profile once you get it later.

            That is how you can manage your leads with no emails.
            Updated: 12 Feb 2018 05:29 AM
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