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            How to Manage Tour Notifications for your Prospects

            Quick Steps

            1. Log into your my.hy.ly account, and click on the Automation app. This is where you can create an automation to help notify prospects when they have scheduled a tour.
            2. Hover over an automation labeled "Tour Scheduled" and click its "Edit" button. Set up the WHEN - Tour Scheduled to be "Trigger every time event occurs". Set up the THEN - Notify Prospect to have the following: the Action Type dropdown should be "Notify Prospect", and the <strong>Action Item dropdown should be "Post Submit".
            3. You also have the option of changing the days to trigger certain actions. Enter the day number under the Action Time section to separate the THEN action into a different day, then click the "Save Changes" button.

            Tutorial Guide

            In this tutorial, we will go over how you can manage hyTours prospect notifications under the Automation app. You will be able to set up automations to keep your prospects updated about their tour appointments from the moment they schedule their tour up to the night before.

            Step 1:

            Once you are logged into your my.hy.ly account, select your chosen property and click on the Automation app. The page you will end up on, named Lifecycle Plays, is where your automations are created and edited. Automations, also called “Arties,” operate on a “When / Then” reaction: For example, when a prospect schedules a tour, you can create automations to notify the prospect when their appointment has been submitted.

            Step 2:

            To manage the automation of what happens after a prospect schedules a tour, hover over the automation labeled ”Tour Scheduled” and click the "Edit" button when it appears. On an automation’s Edit Condition page, actions are grouped under two sections in a sidebar, WHEN and THEN. Make sure your WHEN and THEN actions are set up accordingly:
            • WHEN – Tour Scheduled: Make sure that this automation is set to ”Trigger every time event occurs”.
            • THEN – Notify Prospect: Select ”Notify Prospect” from the Action Type dropdown, and then select ”Post Submit” under the Action Item dropdown. This will display an automated email that will be sent out when a new prospect schedules a tour.

            Step 3:

            While you are setting up an automation, you have the option of changing the days when certain actions will trigger. For example, you can choose to have the “Notify Prospect” to be sent the day after a prospect has scheduled their tour. Just enter in the day number under the Action Time section and the action will separate into a different day. Once you are finished, click the "Save Changes" button.

            If you want to update the automations for Tour Reminder, Cancelled, and Reschedule, do exactly what we did in this tutorial!

            Updated: 02 Feb 2018 12:06 AM
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