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            How to Use the "Visit" Feature

            Quick Steps

            1. Go to the Agent Calendar and click on the "+ Visit" button in the upper-right hand corner.
            2. Fill out the contact information for the new contact, or choose existing contact information by entering their name or email in the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the Log Visit window.
            3. Fill out the additional optional fields and indicate whether they toured or not.
            4. Click "Log Visit" at the bottom of the window.

            When to Use the Visit Function?

            This function can be used for any onsite interaction involving a prospect or resident that requires a log of the event. This may include prospects visiting and touring without scheduling an appointment. It could also be used for logging interactions with residents where they may need help.

            This function provides a platform for teams to track activity in the leasing office that occurs outside the scheduled events logged in the hyTours calendars. It also allows the teams to add contacts into the system if they come in unexpectedly.

            Other reasons to use the visit feature:
            • A prospect returned for another tour
            • Paperwork is signed by a prospect or resident
            • A resident needed assistance

            The Differences Between Tours and Visits

            The usage for the "Tours" feature and the "Visit" feature differ in several ways.

            Using the "Tours" feature allows for future scheduling of tours, as opposed to "Visits" which only logs past events and cannot be used for scheduling future visits. "Visits" can be applicable to meetings with prospects and residents, whereas "Tours" only involves prospects. There are no confirmation emails sent to contacts who visit as opposed to prospects who tour.

            Tutorial Guide

            In this tutorial, you will learn how to log visits in your hyTours Agent Calendar.

            Step 1: Click the "Visit" Button

            Click the "+ Visit" button in the upper right-hand corner. This will open the Visit Log window.

            Step 2: Fill Out Contact Information and Time of Visit

            Once the Visit Log window appears, enter in the prospect's required name and email information in the fields as well as the time they visited.

            If the contact already exists in the system then they can be found by using the search bar in the upper right-hand corner.

            If you do not wish to use this function, or want to escape the automatic contact choice, click the "x" next to the contact's name and it will clear the fields which were automatically filled out.

            Step 3: Fill Out Additional Fields and Indicate Whether Contact Toured

            Fill out the optional fields for the contact's phone number, the purpose of their visit, and any notes pertaining to the visit.

            Check the box next to "Did the visitor tour?" if the contact toured during their visit. This can be applicable for prospects who walk-in for unscheduled tours.

            Step 4: Click "Log Visit"

            Click the button labeled "Log Visit" to finalize the entry, or click "Cancel" to escape the log.

            Visit Reporting

            For visitors that also tour, those tours will appear in the "Tour Cohort" view under the "Report" section in the hyTours app.

            Updated: 31 Jan 2018 06:46 AM
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