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            How to Verify an Email Address from Amazon SES

            Quick Steps

            1. Find an email that is from “Amazon Web Services” and open it.
            2. Click the verification link to authorize your email address.

            Tutorial Guide

            Step 1: Find Email from “Amazon Web Services”

            An email from Amazon Web Services will be sent to the email address that needs verification. In your inbox, find an email with: 
            From: ’Amazon Web Services’...
            Subject: Amazon SES....
            If you do not see this email in your inbox, check your Trash or Spam folder.

            Step 2: Click Verification URL

            Open the request email, and you will see that it contains a link that will confirm that the email address is genuine and not spam or a false address. Click the verification email’s link.

            When your email address is verified, please message a Hy.ly Corporate Administrator to let them know that you have successfully clicked the Amazon SES verification link.
            Updated: 06 Aug 2019 07:32 AM
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