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            hyMail Sub-apps Overview

            Concept Summary

            • Clicking on hyMail's App Dropdown will display a sidebar with the sub-apps: My Emails, Hy.ly Templates, Media, Report, and Settings.
            • Create all of your template elements for your emails with My Emails and Hy.ly Templates.
            • Upload images and assets for your email campaigns under Media.
            • View the result data of all of your sent email campaigns under Report.
            • Edit the property's Time Zone and Email Bounce Threshold under Settings.

            Tutorial Guide

            In this tutorial, we will be taking a closer look at how the hyMail app is organized. You will learn how your most important elements such as emails, templates, and media assets are organized.

            The hyMail’s sub-apps are found by clicking on the App Dropdown; when you do, a sidebar will appear and show several sub-apps that you can access including: My Emails, Sub-org Templates, Org Templates, Media, Report, and Settings.

            My Emails is where you have the ability to create emails, and view all of your campaigns.

            Hy.ly Templates are pre-built my.hy.ly templates that you can clone to use as blueprints for creating emails. Email templates that you clone on this page will end up on your property’s My Templates page.

            Media is where you can upload logos, icons, images, and PDF files that you can use for emails. Images that replace a template’s placeholder images will automatically end up here.

            Report will display a spreadsheet cataloging all of your sent email campaigns and what percentage of your prospects / leads opened or clicked on certain areas of the email.

            Settings is where you can set up the property’s time zone, enter the Email Bounce Threshold, and enter email addresses that will be notified when an email is sent.

            Updated: 30 May 2019 07:27 AM
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