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            hyTours 102: Managing the Agent Calendar

            Managing the Agent Calendar

            Welcome to another tutorial in a series going over the functions and features of hyTours.

            In this tutorial we will show you how to operate within hyTours as an Agent and teach you the following:

            How to View Appointments

            To view your scheduled appointments, choose the "hyTours" tab from your app switcher.

            This will show you all your appointments in the default monthly view.

            If you ever want to return to this screen from elsewhere in the app, click on the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner and choose "Agent Calendar."
            Aside from the default monthly view, there are other grain options available to view your calendar, including a Weekly View:

            Daily View:

            And Weekly List view:

            For now, we will operate within the default Monthly View.

            There is a legend in the lower left hand corner of the calendar detailing the event types your appointments can be, and the color coding system used to define them. Another feature of hyTours embedded in this legend is the ability to deactivate certain types of events in order to focus the calendar view or declutter it. This can be done by simply clicking on the events you wish to deactivate in the legend. So for example, if you want to hide the past events, click on "Past" in the legend bar. Inactive event types will appear in gray text in your legend.

            How to Manage Appointments

            If you want to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment on your hyTours calendar, simply click on the appointment and you will view the customer information page in a new window or tab.

            Cancelling is done with the click of a button:

            And rescheduling is just as easy once you choose a new date and time.

            How to Manually Schedule Appointments

            Manually scheduling appointments through hyTours is as simple as a click of a button. You have two options for scheduling: creating a future appointment, or scheduling an appointment for a walk-in prospect.

            Here we will click the "+Tour" button to schedule a future appointment.

            Clicking this will take you to a scheduling page that is the same as the one prospects will fill out when they schedule a tour through your property's website. Choose the date and time, and fill out the relevant information fields. When all this information is entered, click "Schedule" and the appointment is finalized.

            There are times when a prospect will not schedule through the site or call center, and will come directly to the property. To accommodate for this there is an option to schedule a walk in tour.


            Once you have filled out the relevant information, you will be asked to use a certain number of Scheduler Slots. These slots are defined by how many Agents are required to be in attendance for the event being booked.
            • Using "NO" tour slots means that there will be no agents required for the event, and therefore no tour slots would need to be blocked off.
            • Using "ONE" tour slot is the traditional option for a tour that requires only one agent's time.
            • Using "ALL" tour slots is employed when you want to ensure no tours can be booked for that time period because all available agents will be involved with the reservation you are making.

            In this example we will choose to use only "ONE" tour slot, click create, and see the appointment on our calendar color coded green to indicate it is a future event.

            How to Close Tours

            Once a prospect's scheduled tour has passed, it is important to note in hyTours whether the prospect toured the property or not.

            This can be done by clicking on the appointment in the calendar, which should be color-coded pink to indicate its past status, and then choosing from either the "Yes, Toured" or "No Show" buttons under the question "Did the prospect tour the property?"

            If a tour is not closed out a reminder email will go to the leasing team and any managers that have elected to include themselves on the notification. It's important to close tours out because it helps marketing operations determine what leads from what sources are showing up for their appointments.

            How to Schedule Agent Events

            If there is a non-tour Agent Event that needs to be booked such as a lease signing, lease orientation, or any other event that requires any number of Agents to be in attendance, that can be just as easily booked through hyTours in the same fashion as you would book a property tour.
            • Step 1: Click on the day you wish to book the Agent Event.
            • Step 2: Choose "Agent Events" from the drop-down menu of Events in the "New Event" window.
            • Step 3: Fill out a title for the event, enter in any information in the “Notes” field, and depending on how many agents you require for the event, choose the appropriate number of tour slots to use (In our example below, we have selected the option “Use ONE tour slot”).
            • Step 4: Click "Create" and your Agent Event will appear on your calendar with its own unique color coding.

            How to Schedule Staff Meetings

            Staff meetings can be scheduled in the same fashion as you would schedule an Agent Event or property tour.
            • Step 1: Choose the day you wish to schedule your Staff Meeting.
            • Step 2: Choose "Staff Meetings" under the "Event" drop-down menu of the "New Event" window.
            • Step 3: Fill out the title field.
            • Step 4: Enter in relevant notes.
            • Step 5: Choose the appropriate number of tour slots to use - most likely ALL tour slots since a staff meeting will occupy all agents' time.
            • Step 6: Click "Create" and now you can see the Staff Meeting on your calendar with its own unique color code.


            So to review, in this tutorial we showed you how to operate within hyTours as an Agent and taught you the following:
            • How to View Appointments
            • How to Manage Appointments
            • How to Manually Schedule Appointments
            • How to Close Tours
            • How to Schedule Agent Events
            • How to Schedule Staff Meetings

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 12:21 AM
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