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            hyTours 301: Designing the Prospect's Scheduler

            Designing the Prospect's Scheduler

            Welcome to the first tutorial in the 200-level series of tutorials going over the advanced functions and features of hyTours.

            In this tutorial we will show you how to design and set up your scheduling page, and how to modify the dropdown field options for certain questions.

            How to Design Your Tour Scheduler

            Your scheduling page is the first interaction your prospect has with your property when they schedule a tour of your property. To customize this page, go to the Admin Settings page from the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner of your hyTours app, and the initial page you land on will be the page titled "Scheduler Design".

            Here you can see how the scheduler page will appear for your prospects in the right panel of the screen.

            You can choose to view the scheduler page in a normal web view, or if you click on the smartphone icon in the upper right hand corner, you can see it from a smartphone view.

            For now we will operate within the regular web view.

            Editing the fields on this page is done through the Setup Scheduler sidebar where you click the "Edit" button.

            This is where you can customize what information appears on the scheduling page including your property's name, address, time zone, and the fields for your prospects to fill out when they schedule a tour. You can change the information in the majority of these fields by simply clicking on them and typing, and others can be changed through a dropdown menu.

            The list of "Visible Fields" is an exact representation of how they are ordered and listed on the scheduling page your prospects see.

            These fields can be changed by choosing from the dropdown menus, and picking from the dozens of options provided.

            The ordering of these fields can be customized by clicking and dragging the fields by the cross-directional icon on the left side of the field.

            Here you can see we have seven visible fields, but if we want to add an eighth, that can be done by clicking the "New Field" button.

            For this new field we're going to ask how many pets the prospect may have, and will select "Pet Count" as the new field.

            We can also make it a required question for the prospect to answer by clicking the star icon next to the text, where an information bubble appears informing you that it is currently an optional field.

            And if we want to delete this field, we can do that by clicking the trash can icon on the right side of the field.

            There is a tradeoff between having too many fields and too few fields. If you have few too fields, your agents may not get enough information about the prospect. On the other hand, if you have too many fields it may discourage prospects from scheduling a tour. We recommend having between five and nine fields.

            Once you have clicked "Save" you can check your property's scheduling page, and the changes you have made will appear immediately - shown in this example by the addition of the "Pet Count" field.

            How to Adjust Your Scheduler Dropdown Options

            Depending on what information you ask of your prospects on the scheduler page, there may or may not be a dropdown menu of options associated with that field in order to give you the information you require.

            For example, if you ask what the prospect's desired number of bedrooms is, there is a dropdown menu to answer this. If you want to adjust the options available under these dropdown menus, that can be done through the Settings page, just like the scheduler design.

            From the Admin Settings page, choose the tab labeled "Scheduler Dropdown".

            This will take you to the page where you can adjust the dropdown options.

            In our current example questionnaire, the only fields that are answered by dropdown options are the Desired Number of Bedrooms and the Price Range.

            These values can be adjusted in terms of order, content, and quantity.

            Adding another value is done by clicking on the "+" button.

            Let's use this to add a new value of "4 Bedrooms" as another option to answer the "Desired Number of Bedrooms" question.

            To change the order of these values, hover your mouse over the dropdown value and you will see a cross-directional icon by which you can reorder it in the list by clicking and dragging it.

            To edit the content of the value field, simply click on the text and you can overwrite it.

            A field can be duplicated by clicking the "Duplicate" icon.

            And if you wish to delete a field, click on the trash can icon.

            You may also choose to display the choices randomly for any dropdown option field.

            And a default choice may be selected to assist the user by toggling the bubble next to the field you'd like to set as the default.

            This will pre-select the chosen option as the starting answer for the prospect when they are filling out the questionnaire.

            This can be undone by clicking the button labeled "Clear default choice".


            So to review, in this tutorial we showed you how to design your tour scheduler, and how to adjust your scheduler dropdown options.
            Updated: 26 Jun 2019 11:21 PM
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