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            hyTours 201: Integrating Calendars with hyTours

            Integrating Calendars with hyTours

            Welcome to another tutorial going over the functions and features of hyTours.

            In this tutorial we will show you how to integrate your appointments on hyTours with your Google and Outlook calendars, as well as how to manage your integrations.

            How to Integrate your Google Calendar

            To begin the process of integrating your calendars, go to the "Integrations" page from the drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner.

            The first page you will land on is the "Google Calendar Integration" page. Here you can see the list of authorized users and accounts who have set up their calendar to sync with hyTours.

            To add a new account, click the button labeled "Authorize New Account".

            This will open the Google accounts page where you will need to set up which account to sync. After you select the appropriate account, allow Hy.ly access to manage your calendar.

            After allowing access, you will be taken back to the integrations page where you will need to pick a calendar from the dropdown menu.

            Once you've chosen your calendar and clicked save, your calendars will be synced and all appointments will appear on your Google calendar.

            How to Integrate your Outlook Calendar

            From the Calendar Integrations page, click on the button labeled "Outlook Calendar Integration".

            Then click on "Authorize New Account".

            This will open the Microsoft account sign-in page where you can choose the appropriate account to sync.

            When you are returned back to the integrations page, you will pick a calendar to sync and click save. And if you go to your Outlook calendar, you will see the appointments have updated.

            How to Manage your Integrations

            If the appointments have not appeared in your integrated calendar, you can click on the "refresh" icon next to the synced calendar dropdown menu.

            Should you need to disconnect access from your Google or Outlook calendars to your hyTours calendar, you can click the button labeled "Disconnect Access".

            And deleting an authorized account entirely can be done by clicking the "Delete" button.

            Be aware that deleting an account or disconnecting access through hyTours will not delete the appointments from your Google calendar, this will need to be done manually. And whether synced with hyTours or not, appointments deleted from your Google or Outlook calendars will not affect the hyTours calendar.


            So to review, in this tutorial we showed you how to integrate your Google and Outlook calendars with hyTours, as well as how to manage your integrations.
            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 10:59 PM
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