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            Navigating your Property Start Screen Overview

            Concept Summary

            • The my.hy.ly home page has two sections: the App Suite and Recents. App Suite contains the applications that can be utilized on your account such as hyMail, hyTours, Automation, hyIQ, and Leads.
            • Recents shows your "history" on my.hy.ly, and will display the last eight recently visited pages. You can pin a page to Recents, which can help to quickly access frequently visited pages.


            In this overview, we will be going over what is displayed on your my.hy.ly account’s Property Start Screen. Specifically, we will go over the App Menu and Recents sections.

            When you log into your my.hy.ly account, you will notice that the screen has two sections: App Suite, which is on the left side of the page, and Recents, on the right side of the page.

            App Suite

            Your App Suite contains all of the possible applications that you can utilize on your my.hy.ly account. Although there are nine apps in total, there are five that will be gone over in this tutorial: hyMail, hyTours, Automation, hyIQ, and Leads.
            • hyMail allows you to easily customize and send emails of your database of residents and prospects.
            • hyTours allows your prospects to schedule property tours. Once scheduled, these tours can be viewed on its Calendar page.
            • Automation allows you to set up automated actions to occur for any of your other apps, such as hyTours, hyMail, etc.
            • hyIQ integrates data from all your multifamily systems and creates an easy to analyze dashboard for your marketing, operations, and leasing terms.
            • Leads is the database of all your prospects and residents that have been gathered from scheduled tours, guest cards, and other imports.


            Your Recents area acts as a “History” section for my.hy.ly, and will display the last eight pages you have visited. You have the option to remove a page from your Recents, or you can pin them to the board. When you pin a page, it will move to the top of the list and will be kept there until it is unpinned. This is helpful to quickly link frequently visited sub apps and pages.

            Updated: 06 Feb 2018 06:49 AM
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