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            Agent Calendar Overview

            Concept Summary

            • Your Agent Calendar will display Future Tours, Past Tours, Cancelled Tours, and Agent Events. Future Tours have a green background, Past Tours are red, Agent Events are purple, and Cancelled Tours are greyed out.
            • The Agent Calendar can be customized by clicking on the filters at the top left (that will hide those specific tours from being displayed), and the Weekly View / Daily View options (will change the calendar's time range).


            hyTours is a versatile app that allows a property management team to allow prospects to self-schedule tours directly from a property’s website and manage newly-scheduled appointments for touring prospects. On one section of the app, you can set up and customize the information a property’s Scheduler will contain. On another section, you can view upcoming and newly-added tours with the Agent Calendar.

            In this overview, we will go through the hyTours Agent Calendar, and what information it displays for a property.

            What Is Displayed On The Agent Calendar?

            While under a property that has hyTours enabled, you will automatically be redirected to the Calendar page if you click on the calendar icon. The main element that the Calendar displays are Future, Past, and Cancelled Tours.

            Future Tours are marked with a green background, while Past Tours have a red background, and Cancelled Tours are greyed out. Entries that are marked with a purple background on the Calendar are Agent Events, which display events such as a lease signing or a team meeting that the agents have added to the calendar. Any slots that occur during an agent's event time will not be available for prospects to schedule a tour.

            Filtering Calendar Info

            You can filter out what you want to view on the calendar. For example, if you only want Future tours to be visible on the Agent Calendar, uncheck Past and Agent Event to hide their information.

            Viewing Calendar Info

            By default, the calendar will display what tours and events will occur over the month. However, you can also view the tours and events that are taking place over the week or a day by selecting the Weekly or Daily View located on the top right corner.

            That covers what can be displayed on your hyTours Agent Calendar.

            Updated: 31 Jan 2018 06:47 AM
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