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            Placement Guidelines: Schedule A Tour CTA

            In this overview, you will learn where the best locations on your website to place a Schedule a Tour Call-to-Action.

            According to the definition on the hy.ly Glossary, a Call-to-Action (or CTA for short) is a button or a link on a website prompting potential customers to follow through on the action. In this case, you want to not only create a Call-to-Action that entices your audience to schedule an apartment tour, but you also want to place the CTA in locations where prospects will effectively notice it.

            Design Principle

            In order to get the most out of both the Schedule a Tour CTA and the hyTours Scheduler, you need to follow this principle: If a prospect is ready to schedule a tour, or ready to contact you, they should immediately see the Schedule a Tour CTA. In other words, you cannot just place the CTA on every single page of your website, but you can place the Schedule a Tour CTA in certain areas that will catch your prospect’s attention.

            Suggested Locations for Scheduler CTA

            Here are some suggested locations on your website where you can place your Schedule a Tour Call-to-Action that follow the above principle.

            Location 1: On The Hero Image

            Placing the Schedule a Tour CTA on the home page’s Hero Image is a simple, but effective way to catch a prospect’s attention. Not only will the CTA be prominently displayed above the fold of the website, but CTA can take the form of an eye catching button. This way, if a prospect visits your website with the immediate intent of scheduling a tour, the CTA will be one of the first things they see.

            Location 2: Next To Contact Us

            You can place the Schedule a Tour CTA next to your Contact Us CTA on your website to reduce the time it takes trying to schedule a tour for a prospect that filled out a Contact Us form. This way, you give your prospects options: those ready to tour your property can easily schedule right away, and those that do not feel ready or want more information can still fill out the general contact form.

            Alternatively, you can also replace a Contact Us CTA that is on the Hero Image with your Schedule a Tour CTA. By making the Schedule a Tour CTA the primary action that you want prospects to do on your website, this is another way to easily filter prospects who are ready for a tour from prospects that may not want to schedule just yet.

            Location 3: Next To A Contact Number

            To reduce the number of unnecessary phone calls made to the property’s office, place the Schedule a Tour CTA next to or below the contact number. If a prospect wants to call the number simply to schedule a tour, they will see the CTA button and schedule it through the hyTours form. If they want to schedule a tour but have questions that require an agent’s knowledge, they can still call the leasing team.

            Location 4: On The Floor Plans Page

            Another good location that you can place the Schedule a Tour CTA is on your floor plan’s page, or on a floor plan’s details page. If a prospect sees an available room that catches their attention, they can easily schedule a tour from that page.

            Scheduler URL

            Once you have decided on where you want to place the CTA, all you have to do is make sure that it is linked to the Scheduler URL, which is found on your hyTours Settings page. On your property's my.hy.ly page, just go to hyTours => Settings => Scheduler Design, and it will be above the Scheduler's Preview Screen.

            That covers where you can place your Schedule a Tour CTA for your prospects to notice.

            Updated: 01 Feb 2018 02:37 AM
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