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            Scheduled Email Report Overview

            Concept Summary

            • View emails that are scheduled to be delivered under the Scheduled Email Report. A scheduled email's information will be divided into several categories, including scheduled time, campaign name, and what email groups it will be sent to.
            • Click the calculate size link to see how many leads will be receiving an email campaign.


            In this overview, we will go over what data you can view under the hyMail app’s Scheduled Email Report section.

            If your sub-org has multiple emails that are scheduled to be delivered at a certain date and time, they will be listed under the Scheduled Email Report table until they are sent. The Scheduled Email Report is a place for you to view how many emails are scheduled to be sent out in the future, and how many of your leads they will reach.

            If you want to view how many leads will be receiving the scheduled email, click the “calculate size” link under the Size category. The total amount of leads will be displayed in the cell.

            You can export the spreadsheet as a .csv file by clicking the "Export" button, or you can view a spreadsheet of what clickable links are on the scheduled emails by clicking on the "Export Email Links" button.
            Updated: 17 May 2019 12:03 AM
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